Shari, thank you for your DVD.  You are in my family room with me at least a couple times a week. 


You are a wonderful instructor!


Shari has such an encouraging spirit.


I continue to take what you have taught me and apply it to my daily life.


Shari's workout covers so many bases it is hard to find a replacement.


Shari does magic with muscles. For years I did Pilates on my own. Shari made me realize how important the subtle stretches, moves and breathing are. She is a master of explaining how each exercise impacts the body. Her ability to connect with her students makes the experience as effective as possible.


Day One - The Journey Begins

Posted by Administrator on 10/5/2015 to Making the Video
My very supportive husband dropped me at the airport near the skycap stand with my new blue suitcase (given to me by my parents for Christmas) filled to what I knew was very near the 50 lb. limit. I smiled at the gentleman standing off to the side. Handing him my boarding pass he inquires what is taking me to Charlotte. I excitedly tell him about the making of my first RollerBarre Pilates™ video. We chat while he checks me in; his name is Patrick, recently widowed he tells me with an 11 year old son. As we finish the check-in process, I reassure him that all in his life will be fine, bless him & his son and wish him well. Suddenly overwhelmed with emotion, the skycap thanks me and gives me a giant bear hug! My journey has begun. Entering the enormous O'Hare airport, my stomach tells me it is time for breakfast. Sitting at a table in Chili's I peruse the menu determining what the healthiest options are. I order scrambled eggs & inquire about the contents of the fruit bowl, requesting strawberries be included if possible. My tall, smiling waiter returns shortly with a bowl of the biggest, most lucsious looking strawberries you've ever seen! Yum! Feeling blessed, I dig in & enjoy. Finally sitting in my aisle seat on the plane, I settle in for the flight. I love to fly. Looking up as the cart comes rolling toward me, the flight attendant suddenly exclaims "You've got great hair!" Now ladies, I don't have to tell you what that compliment means to most of us. No doubt I was beaming from ear to ear. What I should tell you is that HOW I was going to wear my hair for the video had become a regular topic of dicussion! Against the suggestions of some, I had decided to go natural, which is curly. Having just received a huge vote of confidence from a stranger who undoubtedly sees a plethora of hairdos daily, I begin to feel very secure in my decision to stay curly. Yay me! I pull my bag off the carousel feeling both nervous & excited while I roll it out the airport doors. Almost immediately I spot the black SUV as a cheerful face greets me. We introduce ourselves. It's Adam, my director. How cool does that sound?! We take off and begin our search for the perfect location for the video shoot. Our first stop appears to be an old warehouse converted into storefonts with a fitness studio near the middle. The regentrified shopping area has a very hip vibe. We enter the studio & I immediately begin to mentally check items off of my wish list. Wood floor check, high ceilings check, tall windows check. I notice that Adam is also taking it all in. As we make our way around the space to determine the best part of the room to lay down three mats, the room begins to speak to us. Squeak, squeak goes the floor. Oops! Might be a fine space for a fitness class, but not ideal for a video shoot. On to the next site. Adam mentions that he knows a great place for sushi in the vacinity of the next venue on our schedule. Since it is well past my usual four hour feeding, I am more then happy to stop to eat and sushi often tops my list. We walk into a beautifully decorated Japanese restaurant. The server sets a menu on the table and I see the restaurant name Zee. Having recently incorporated the letter Z to the original name of my company I feel this place is a good omen and I let Adam know my thoughts. He turns the menu around. The name of this place is eez he says with a smile. Both of us have a good chuckle. We enjoy amaZing sushi and even better conversation as I get to know the talented, inciteful, warm, family man, who is going to direct my first video. I feel more secure in my choice of Adam from The Goodlight. I am much more at EEZ as we hop back in the truck. We venture to several other locations in Charlotte but none suit our purpose. We scout out new places and leave messages for the building management. No one returns our call. Adam suggests taking a look at his former studio that he still has the use of when in town (he and the family recently moved to the mountains). We stop by the studio and decide it would work as a last resort, but doesn't fit the vision that we both have for this video shoot. I won't bore you with the details of every other space we visited but I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks. That one is too big, too small, not wide enough, not high enough, too dark, no windows, NO CHARACTER! It's getting late and has been a very long day. We decide to end our search and start fresh in the morning. After all, we have a full day tomorrow to scout out the perfect location. Adam takes me to the place where I am staying for the week. I introduce him to Michele, my good friend of over 30 years. Michele decides that dinner out is exactly what we need. Relax and all will work out they both assure me. I go upstairs to change & freshen up, taking deep breaths as I go filling myself with positive intentions for tomorrow.

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