Shari, thank you for your DVD.  You are in my family room with me at least a couple times a week. 


You are a wonderful instructor!


Shari has such an encouraging spirit.


I continue to take what you have taught me and apply it to my daily life.


Shari's workout covers so many bases it is hard to find a replacement.


Shari does magic with muscles. For years I did Pilates on my own. Shari made me realize how important the subtle stretches, moves and breathing are. She is a master of explaining how each exercise impacts the body. Her ability to connect with her students makes the experience as effective as possible.


Day Three - Lights, Camera, MUSIC?

Posted by Administrator on 10/5/2015 to Making the Video
I rise early after a restful night full of anticipation for the day ahead. After years of joking with my clients about making a fitness video, the day has arrived. I take more than my usual 10 minutes to apply my new camera ready make-up. After dressing in my carefully chosen outfit, I tiptoe to the room next to mine and gently awaken Ruth Ann. "Time to rise & shine and get ready for the shoot" I tell my friend. Grabbing my bag full of makeup and anything else I think I might possibly need that day, I head downstairs. Hearing the hair dryer blowing as I pass Michele's room I smile confidently, knowing that she will be ready on time. Heading into the kitchen I prepare my morning shake and begin washing, chopping & preparing the fruits and veggies we are bringing to the shoot to provide healthy snacks for the crew and us. Michele, Ruth Ann and I pack up the car with bags, rollers, mats, weights, and snacks. The three of us pile into the car and begin our adventure to Monroe. We stop for gas & pick up a case of water for the shoot. Lisa checks in, already at the location. We're almost there, we assure her! With arms loaded, we walk into a room filled with camera equipment, electronics and hyperactivity. Adam and his team are adjusting the lighting. Upon his direction, I unroll the three new mats purchased for the shoot, loving the violet color against the raw wood floor. I turn around and take in the view - three cameras, lights, a monitor, along with other mysterious pieces of equipment and people fill the space. Reality is sinking in; this is a real video shoot! I am filled with anticipation and excitement. I walk to the other side of the space to find my three good friends huddled around a table that Lisa has moved closer to the window for better light. She has set up a make-up mirror and a full assortment of beauty products fill the table. How cute is she? Ruth Ann is sitting in a chair while Lisa skillfully applies her make-up. Michele takes a vote and all decide that I need more make-up. Didn't I just spend half an hour doing this? I sit in the other chair that Lisa has provided and am grateful for my friends honesty. Michele touches up my eyes, cheeks and lips as the activity continues on the other side of the space. Feeling like a rock star I enjoy the pampering. Time for a run through. We start the shoot and run through several of the exercises as Adam directs his team, adjusting cameras, lighting and sound. I bend over and hear Adam wince. "Oh my ears", he complains. Trish, the Co-Producer, runs over to adjust the mic pack strapped to my back. I have never worn a contraption like this before and find myself being overly cautious of it for the rest of the shoot. After a couple more exercises, Adam stops to review the footage. "Alright this is it, we're starting the real thing", he proclaims. The entire room quiets and all faces look more intense. One of the crew walks over and stops in front of me holding a contraption that I have only seen in movies. Facing the center camera he proclaims, "RollerBarre Pilates™ Take One", and snaps the bar down. Ruth Ann looks at me wide-eyed. Grinning from ear to ear, I say "Yes, this is the real deal." Starting from the top, we progress through several of the exercises shaking off nerves as we go. All seems to be running smoothly when a loud clang is heard by all followed by more loud clanging and banging sounds. Peering out of the windows we see a truck being unloaded in the middle of the street directly in front of us. Everyone returns to their places. We start shooting again stopping and starting repeatedly until the noise out front becomes unbearable. Trish volunteers to run downstairs and find out what they are doing. I take the opportunity to stretch and have the ladies do the same. Trish returns with the news that they are setting up a stage directly in front of our building for an event that evening. Seriously? It is a Thursday, in Monroe, North Carolina; population approximately 36,000. Not a Friday, not the weekend. This was completely unpredictable and inexplicable. We have no choice but to continue shooting, pausing when Adam feels the noise will interfere with the video. We endure the pounding & banging, stopping & starting as necessary. Finally it becomes quiet out front when the stage is completed. Yay! The ladies power through the first element, which has taken us way longer than expected to shoot. What troopers they have been! Lying on the rollers much longer than I would ever recommend and doing the exercises repeatedly. Time for a well needed break and refreshments. I begin setting out the veggies, hummus and cut-up fruit that I had prepared. Lisa carves up avocados and lays them out paired with lime rice chips. "We're not shooting a fitness video are we?", one of the crew jokes. I remind the ladies to eat lightly as they will continue working out again shortly remembering similar conditions during my various Pilates and Personal Training certifications. We all delight in getting to know each other better and enjoy a few good laughs. After our brief intermission, it is time to get back to business. All take their places and the shoot resumes. Falling back into our rhythm, we shoot without interruption getting through the next two elements. Suddenly we begin hearing extremely loud music and Adam yells "Cut!", his frustration evident at this juncture. Once again, feisty Trish volunteers to go downstairs and have a talk with the band. I use the opportunity to retouch my lipstick during her absence keeping my focus on the remaining elements. Trish returns with good news. After explaining to the band that we were shooting a video upstairs, they were completely understanding and generously offered to shorten their practice for us. We are all very grateful to them and resume shooting shortly afterward. If I knew the name of the band that was the entertainment that fall day in Monroe, NC I would find a way to thank them. Michele, Lisa and Ruth Ann pick up their rollers and stand on their mats for the RollerBarre Pilates™ element of the workout. We proceed smoothly through this section without interruption. One more to go! Our three superstars return to lying on the rollers with their chosen weight size (2, 3 or 5 lbs.) positioned on either side of their mats. We begin the 5th element of the routine, Arm Sculpting. After all of the day's interruptions we appear to race through these exercises. It is like being close to the finish line in a 10k, near the end of a power point presentation or the last dance of the performance. Your adrenaline increases giving you more energy, excited to complete the challenge to which you've given your mind, body and soul. The director proclaims "It's a wrap" and the crew breaks into applause. My dream has become a reality. I remain standing on my mark breathing in the moment, knowing that as with many other firsts in my life, this moment will never occur again.


Date 5/11/2016
Michele Lowe
It was my pleasure to be a part of this video, loud banging...noisy band...and all! What an amazing experience and now I have the opportunity to do this workout with you every morning, even when we are miles apart. So proud of you, Shari, for pushing through and making your dream a reality! I wouldn't have missed this for the world :)

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