Shari, thank you for your DVD.  You are in my family room with me at least a couple times a week. 


You are a wonderful instructor!


Shari has such an encouraging spirit.


I continue to take what you have taught me and apply it to my daily life.


Shari's workout covers so many bases it is hard to find a replacement.


Shari does magic with muscles. For years I did Pilates on my own. Shari made me realize how important the subtle stretches, moves and breathing are. She is a master of explaining how each exercise impacts the body. Her ability to connect with her students makes the experience as effective as possible.


Day Two - Do You Believe in Magic?

Posted by Administrator on 10/5/2015 to Making the Video
I awake the next morning full of excitement for the day ahead. After a shortened version of my RollerBarre Pilates™ workout (the impending video a great motivator), I head downtstairs for a cup of tea and a protein shake; supplements in my hand. Michele quickly directs me around the kitchen then hurries back to prepare for a teleconference in her home office. Adam arrives with a new plan. He knows of a refubished factory outside of town that other artists and photographers are using. It's in Monroe, NC south of Charlotte. I am familiar with this town from my annual visits to Charlotte. It is a very small town that we drive through on our way to the beach. Expecting the crew & talent to drive this far out of town is not ideal, but since we are scheduled to shoot in the morning we decide that this is our best option. We hop into a different truck today. One loaded with camera equipment. I grab my roller and mat bags and toss them in the back noticing items that only the father of an infant would have in his truck. We find a parking spot on a street in downtown Monroe. I follow Adam into the historic venue bags slung over my shoulder on a cool, cloudy, rainy day. The kind of weather one dreads when on the way to the beach. We are greeted by the building manager, whose name is Sherri. Seems like a good omen to me. The space is quite large with rows of chairs lining the floor. We would be shooting upstairs Sherri explains and guides us toward a narrow staircase. Adam and I look around the odd looking space with a stage in the middle. I shutter from the cold. "Let's go for a walk", exclaims Adam, abrubtly jerking me back from my thoughts of apprehension. Once outside we both look at each other with the same thought. This is definitely not our vision. Adam suggests that we go for a drive, confident that our perfect location is somewhere in the quaint historic district of Monroe. We venture into another building, walk down the corridor and through a doorway. Dead end. Outiside again, we hop in the truck to get out of the drizzling rain. Adam is on his phone when mine rings. "Did you find a location yet?" the sweet voice of Lisa inquires. "Not yet", I respond, suddenly overcome with exhaustion. "No?" she sings back to me. I hop out of the truck and head into the building toward the bathroom I had passed only moments before not wanting Adam to see me having a meltdown. It is after 3p and the shoot is tomorrow. My friend Lisa sweetly reassures me that we will find what we are looking for. I stand in front of the building and begin to pray with the realization for the first time in two days that months ago I had turned this part of the shoot, finding the location, over to God. Feeling confident & more relaxed I follow Adam across the street and enter a women's clothing store. I busy myself with the racks of clothes while Adam inquires if the clerk knows of a location in town that might rent space for a video shoot. "Why yes", she exclaims pointing to the building across the street that we had just left. "The manager's name is John and his number is right there out front." Adam dials the number and leaves a message. His phone rings moments later. Following John's instruction we reenter 211 N. Main St. once again walking down the corridor and past the place of my meltdown. We go through the same doorway to what appeared to be a deadend. Adam is directed to move the table away from a door off to our left. "Now enter that door and unlock the door on the other side", John requires of Adam. Done. "Now, push the table back in front of the first door and enter through the second door", John commands. Feeling like we are receiving instructions from Houdini, I reach into the darkness and flip on the light switch revealing a long staircase. Looking up I see an abstract painting at the top. I take a deep breath as we begin to ascend the stairs. "If this is the place..." Adam declares at the top of the stairs with a look of anticipation. I nod my head & smile as we weave our way to the main room. An open space, completely gutted with a high ceiling, tall windows set into a distressed brick wall, and wood floors. The room in my dreams. Adam is pleased with the room's dimensions and with the eye of a director points out the interesting view of historic buildings across the street. We both know our exhaustive search ends here. Woohoo!! We are both filled with excitment and a renewed energy. We haul some of Adam's photography equipment upstairs, locking the secret passageway. I lay out a mat in front of the windows placing a roller on top as Adam sets up preparing for our run through. I begin my RollerBarre Pilates™ routine as he shoots, seeing it for the first time. About a third of the way in, Adam stops filming and walks around to the front of the camera. He proceeds to tell me that he thinks I should do the routine for the video and forget about using talent. It's perfect just like this he proclaims. I explain my vision for the video to Adam. Anyone who buys this video should be capable of doing this routine with the right guidance. What about using professional talent? Using my friends in the video instead of professional talent helps demonstrate just that. I use modifications for the novice or injured and variations for the more advanced. I want people to watch the video and see how I realign the body to help them find the correct form for a safer, more effectvie workout. Adam acquiesces and we continue shooting the rest of the routine. Satisfied with the video he has taken, we pack up for the drive back to Charlotte. Adam has a long night ahead of him reviewing the footage and I need my beauty sleep.

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