Shari, thank you for your DVD.  You are in my family room with me at least a couple times a week. 


You are a wonderful instructor!


Shari has such an encouraging spirit.


I continue to take what you have taught me and apply it to my daily life.


Shari's workout covers so many bases it is hard to find a replacement.


Shari does magic with muscles. For years I did Pilates on my own. Shari made me realize how important the subtle stretches, moves and breathing are. She is a master of explaining how each exercise impacts the body. Her ability to connect with her students makes the experience as effective as possible.



On Daily Devotion:

One must start the day in gratitude. Being grateful for all that you have been given is the key to a rewarding life. Starting the day with prayer or meditation sets your mind in the right direction and your heart on the right path. My Mother gave me a pamphlet many years ago titled “7 minutes with God”. Trying to find time each day to fit in everything we need to do is often challenging, but thinking of it as spending only 5-10 minutes per day should help enable you to fit this rewarding act into your life. Start with that and see where it takes you.

On Fitness:

Move your body. Every one of us needs to exercise. Again, if reaching for the ideal of 4-5 times per week is too much for you to wrap your mind around, you might start with 1-3x/wk. Since you are shopping on this fitness related website, one would think you have already added this component to your life. Good for you. Choose the form of fitness that works best for you. For me it’s Pilates. I find it to be the best all-around work-out available – mind, body & spirit. Whatever you do, enjoy doing it, while you are doing it. Focus on the benefits. Find a class you enjoy taking, an instructor that inspires you, a DVD that motivates you, or a find a friend that encourages you, using the buddy system to help each other stay motivated. Whatever you do, just keep moving. Movement heals.

On Health:

Eat better and take supplements. I do not always follow a healthy diet. I try to, but I do like to eat meat, sweets occasionally and don’t always get enough vegetables daily. So I focus on trying to eat better, by paying attention to what I am eating each day. Eating breakfast starts your day off right; to jumpstart your metabolism and give you energy. I try to eat 5x per day – that’s 3 meals & 2 healthy snacks. This keeps your metabolism moving, prevents your body from going into starvation mode & storing fat, and keeps your sugar level from hitting peaks & valleys throughout the day.

On Being Green:

When you read the startling statistics on what is happening to our planet, how can we not make an effort to go Green? Making a few changes can make a huge difference. We attempt to Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and then Recycle. I continue to add GREEN PRODUCTS to the household, one at a time. I try to buy some organic items at the grocery store with each trip. Turning the heat down, shutting the water on & off (while doing dishes; while brushing your teeth), grouping your errands – all of these are small ways to help save on energy with little effort.

On Giving Back:

I feel blessed for all that we have and believe it is important to give back to help others in need and also to help our future generations. With that in mind we at BREATHEZENERGY have committed a portion of our profits to various charities that are close to our hearts. You can go to our Fave Links page if you would like to join us in assisting one or more of these organizations.