Shari, thank you for your DVD.  You are in my family room with me at least a couple times a week. 


You are a wonderful instructor!


Shari has such an encouraging spirit.


I continue to take what you have taught me and apply it to my daily life.


Shari's workout covers so many bases it is hard to find a replacement.


Shari does magic with muscles. For years I did Pilates on my own. Shari made me realize how important the subtle stretches, moves and breathing are. She is a master of explaining how each exercise impacts the body. Her ability to connect with her students makes the experience as effective as possible.


Preview RollerBarre™

Using the Pilates principles, a round roller and free weights RollerBarre Pilates is a total body workout that people of all ages find effective, easy to follow & enjoyable.

With a strong focus on rhythmic, conscious breathing, this routine develops your core, strengthens & lengthens your body, improves your posture, balance, and sculpts your arms while creating a Zen experience.

Learn how to adjust and realign the body for a safer more effective workout.

All you need is a 36x6 round Roller, 2-5 lb. hand weights and a mat.